Shopping For Material

Robynne O’Sullivan: 113354836

Going to your city centre and finding anything you could possibly want from a wedding dress to a turtle is not a challenging thought but shopping wasn’t always that simple. The 1940’s saw a big advance in convenience for Irish residents. Before that shops were mainly small, family-run businesses but now Ireland started seeing department stores for the first time.

The first

blackpool-frontBlackpool Shopping centre, Cork 2015


Mahon Point shopping centre, Cork 2015

Dunnes Stores opened up in Cork city during the 1940’s. It was just drapery until becoming a grocery store in the 1960’s. It was revolutionary and still very popular today as its somewhere you can go and get everything you need without having to go to other shops. Even Patrick street in general has greatly evolved with such a variety of shops compared to the early 1900’s. Even with other department stores like Debenhams and Brown Thomas, Dunnes still thrives as it has the grocery aspect that most don’t.


Shopping has come even further with the creation of shopping malls. In Cork alone we have numerous shopping centres in WIlton, Blackpool, Mahon Point, Merchants Quay, Douglas etc. It has made shopping even more convenient. They are like giant department stores. You are in a sheltered area with all the shops you can possibly need, with most of these centres having a food court also. It allows you to have the convenience of a department store but get the full day out experience while having a roof over your head at all times. This is definitely more practical than what was seen in earlier times in Cork with markets being a huge part of the retail experience, but with our unpredictable weather, outdoor shopping can be disastrous.


Overall shopping has come along way for our convenience, with everything we want being under the same roof and services being available, such as parking or elevators to get to other floors or some even having a child minding facility for a stress-free experience.


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