Una Hayes-Blog 2: Picturing the the City – Paris during the 1920’s.

By the end of the 19th and early 20th century, Paris was considered the place to be! The atmosphere was one of pomp and ceremony despite the fact that the world was between two great wars. (Samuel, 2013) Due to influences from all over the world, the Parisian populations mentalities and ways of living were revolutionised and the people of Paris adopted a new, more modern lifestyle. The most considerable social change was known as the feminine emancipation. The majority of women were alone during the War and it moulded their status within the society, women learned to live in accordance to their aspirations and how to deal with responsibilities. (Rohan, 2012)

‘The Café’ (uramericansinparis.wordpress.com 1750 x 1223)


In the past Paris was known as the centre of women’s fashion where new trends are brought to life and die, however, this is still true to the present day. Changes in fashion were important in the 1980s due to the fact that they resembled changes in society, particularly women’s changing roles within Paris. According to Parisian fashion designers, a more active, involved, equal woman deserved clothing to suit that lifestyle. (Burch M, 2010)

‘Paris Metro’ (http://fr.slideshare.net/jandirafeijo/metr-de-paris)

‘1920 Braniff’ (http://www.snipview.com/q/Airlplanes)

Changes during the 1920’s in Paris not only effected the city’s women and fashion, but a change in transportation was also beginning to occur. A renowned French civil engineer, known as Fulgence Bienvenue designed the Parisian Metro order to assist with the city’s traffic congestion in the Spring of April 1896. Construction began in November 1898 and the first line of the metro was put into place on July 19th 1900. The proposed ten lines of the route were then completed by 1920. (railway-technology.com, 2015)  By the end of the First World War, not only were there a large number of aviators without anything to do but there were many airplanes left idle. In the early 1920’s flight began to become a sport, and it also encouraged aviators to push the limits of flight, such as transatlantic flights. By August 1919, Aircraft Transport & Travel commenced its aeroplane service from London to Paris and the French aviation system had officially begun. (Holland, 2013)


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